Wednesday, February 19, 2020


NIPUNN (K.G.) – An endeavour to consolidate the learning of students currently studying in Kindergarten and to improve their preparedness for the next grade in the Academic Session 2020-21, has been launched on 18/02/2020 in Mission Mode in all the K.G. classes in 434 Sarvodaya Vidyalayas. The programme will run in three phases till 30/03/2020.

In phase 1 : ‘Know Your Child’ from 18/02/2020 to 29/02/2020, the learning outcome of the students of K.G. will be observed through specialized tools designed for the purpose.

In phase 2 : ‘Work with your Child’, The teacher will work with the child from 01/03/2020 to 25/03/2020. The follow up will be based on the Action Plan detailed in the “Daily Lesson Plans” being used by the Assistant Teachers in K.G.

In phase 3: ‘Know Your Child’ from 26/03/2020 to 30/03/2020, the learning outcome of the students of K.G. will be observed again.

The highlight of the programme is its inclusiveness as concerted efforts shall be made to focus on the possible reasons for learning gaps if any. The programme    envisages pooled efforts by the Special Educator of the school for students with special needs.
It is hoped that by the end of March 2020, there would a marked progress in achieving progressive learning outcomes in the students of Kindergarten.


A Reading Drive has been launched on 18/02/2020 for the students of Classes 1 & 2 to build the cornerstones of language learning –Listening, Speaking, Reading and Reading with Comprehension.

20 Story Reading Cards @10 each in Hindi and English have been uploaded on “edudel” website. These brightly illustrated pictorial stories are being envisaged   as the gateway to joyful reading. The Story Cards are attractive and contain short story with pictures to develop children’s literacy skills and to hold the attention span of the students.

Seven levels in Listening, Speaking and Reading have been identified and each child will create his/her own roadmap of being able to retell the stories, read them fluently and comprehend them.

The Story Cards in Hindi have been created by Room to Read India Trust, which is working in collaboration with Directorate of Education to enrich Library experiences of Primary Students of DoE.

The Story Reading Cards in English have been created in-house by DoE at Primary Branch with contribution in illustrations and graphic designing by the teachers of DoE.

It is hoped that the storylines will trigger the curiosity to read and by the end of March 2020, there will be a remarkable progress in reading abilities in the students of classes 1 & 2.

A two day Orientation Workshop for newly appointed Assistant Teachers (Primary) ---- A Report

A total of 1257 Assistant Teachers (Primary) have been appointed in the current Academic Session 2019-20. In order to make them aware of all the initiatives in Primary Education and to bring about a qualitative change in teaching pedagogy of various subjects, a Two-Day Orientation Workshop was organized at RPVV Civil Lines (1207113) and S.V Shamnath Marg (1207107) for these newly appointed Assistant Teachers (Primary) from 02.01.2020 to 07.01.2020

Salient features of Orientation Workshop

Ø  Initiatives in Primary: Since 2017, a lot of initiatives have been introduced to bring qualitative changes in Primary education. Innovative practices such as Circle Time, show and Tell have been mandatory every day as classroom practices. Learning outcomes as notified by SCERT are being meticulously mentioned for each child in every subject which will then be part of cumulative record of child’s progress over the next years at least. For the first time, the Assistant Teachers (Primary) of all Sarvodaya Vidyalayas participated in the exhibition across 85 venues for sharing their best practices in two phases i.e on 30/11/2019 & 31/12/2019.     
Ø  Maths Intervention: The trainees were oriented about the basic concepts of the intervention in Mathematics based on Jodo Gyan Methodology. It included experiential training.
Ø  Making of TLMs: The trainees received a hands-on training in making of low cost Teaching Learning Materials.
Ø Classroom Library Management: One of the disciplines taken up discussed in the Workshop in detail was Classroom Library Management
      The Key points for this session were:
         ·        Procurement of Books
        ·       Accessioning of Procured Books
        ·        Issue of Books
        ·        Stock verification
        ·        Condemnation Process:
        ·        Library Activities
Ø Story Telling: The trainees were oriented about the basic techniques of storytelling at Primary Level. Thorough use of props, objects, activities to create a funny and interactive atmosphere while telling a story. Use of Storytelling for effective teaching was also demonstrated.
The Workshop was successful and could meet its targets.

Sharing Best Practices

Under the Master Trainer Programme – an initiative of the Primary Branch, all the Sarvodaya Vidyalayas participated in “Sharing of Best Practices in Primary” exhibition cum demonstration. On the last working day of November 2019, 235 Sarvodaya Vidyalayas of Zone 1 to 13 shared their Best Practices at 45 venues simultaneously. On the last working day of December 2019, 214 Sarvodaya Vidyalayas of Zone 14 to 29 shared their Best Practices at 40 venues simultaneously. For the successful implementation of this initiative, the Master Trainers allotted one specific subject to each of their Mentee schools who then prepared innovative low cost TLMs which can be used in class easily to not only increase the attention span of students but also in creating a vivid visual impact on learning. All the Assistant Teachers of Sarvodaya Vidyalaya attended the exhibition at their allotted venues.The exhibition has been a roaring success.

Happiness Curriculum


      Happiness Curriculum has been designed to developed self-awareness, inculcate skills of critical thinking, inquiry and effective communication. Happiness Curriculum enables the students to understand their expectations in relationship, develop empathy and ensure healthy relationships with peers and teachers. Students also learn to apply life skills to deal with stressful and conflicting situations around them.


      Students of Classes Nursery to Class 2 experience “MINDFULNESS” twice a week.

  Students of classes 3 to class 5 are developing these skills through mindfulness, story building, storytelling and through various activities for one period everyday.

Design of Curriculum
    1. Classes Nursery to 2nd
  • Mindfulness for two days in a week for classes Nur. & K.G
  • Mindfulness/Stories/ Activities For classes  1st & 2nd
  2. Classes 3rd to 5th
  • Monday Mindfulness for 30 minutes
  • Tuesday to Friday- session (30-35 minutes) starts with Mindfulness for 2-3 minutes followed by Stories/ Activities & discussion. Session ends with Mindfulness again.
  • Saturday is an expression day. 

Best out of Waste

“The Trashion Show”

If you thought all Waste should be thrown away, think again!!

SKV C-BLK Sultanpuri (1412026) celebrated its Annual Day on 10th December 2019 with a theme 'Shikshit Rashtra, Samarth Rashtra' in the school premises.

The Head of School, Ms. Anjeli Nagpal advocates the philosophy of the best out of waste. 30 students of class 3 and their Class teacher Ms. Richa Chahal put up a fashion show featuring dresses created from candy wrappers, old daily Newspapers, magazines, plastic bottle caps, used bangles, old clothes etc.

Various items from ‘trash’ were used for creating the dresses for the show. It took 10 to 15 days of intense work with contribution from parents, teachers and students alike to get the desired results which wasn’t without challenges.

The art of Origami was used to fold newspapers and make layers of each dress. They featured splashes of colour and a tessellated design. Bottle caps, old beads, old bangles were used to decorate the dresses. The hair accessories were also made with waste items.

The beautiful ramp walk by tiny tots, on the stage left the audience spellbound.


A delegation of teachers from the State of Sikkim visited Delhi as a part of the programme “EK BHARAT SHRESHTHA BHARAT” under the aegis of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The objective of the programme is to establish a cultural connect among different regions of India and to celebrate the unity in diversity of our nation thereby promoting the spirit of national integration through engagement between culturally diverse states and union territories.
The visit was organized by Samagra Shiksha and its highlight was sharing of innovative ideas as well as viewing the cultural panoramic experience of Delhi.
The delegation visited of a number of Sarvodaya Vidyalayas and had an experiential view of the Happiness Curriculum, digitization of learning, creation and use of low cost Teaching Learning Materials etc.
Primary classes were individually observed by the delegates. Decoration, appropriate for learning enhancement was captured by all delegates in their cameras. Students were enthusiastic and actively responded. Various activities like poem reciting, storytelling, role play, puzzles and singing in a choir were observed by the visitors. Delegates interacted with students and appreciated teachers efforts for conducting innovative interesting activities. Mindfulness activities, fixed in the Happiness Curriculum were performed keeping in mind the developmental age of the students. Delegates commented that students are more expressive, confident and able to engage in conversation.  
The team from Sikkim also shared lovely inputs about Sikkim’s culture, topography, education system, native people and their customs etc. They also had an interactive session with the school staff in all schools.